‚ÄčI write this from the heart… This turmoil that we see is a greater call to connect our humanity. It is not a call to sit in a circle and sing cumbaya. It is a call to say Brother, Sister… Do you need me? It is a call to say I see you hurting… May I help you? It is a call to say my Blackness loves your Browness, let’s work together to stop injustice. It is a call to say can I love, friend and be an ally to my Vietnamese, Chinese or Japanese brethren while we both struggle for equality… Together. It is a call to say if you are my white friend and you love me you have to authentically admit that your community continues to hurt me and you have to want to work with me to dismantle the institutionalized framework that hurts and dehumanizes all people of color. 

We are standing at the crux of a shift for all our humanity. 

I just hope that those who love me and my child, those who I love… And finally myself at my core… I hope all answer the call to be better, engaged and connected human beings.