Hair??? Again????

I get very tired. Extremely TIRED.  Being a Black American / African American woman you simply have PTSD, the trauma starts at age 5 in kindergarten and it NEVER LETS THE F*** UP. As I was cruising my news feed, I came across this picture. I thought to myself, someone from the pathetic national front photoshopped this together and was passing it around social media networks. So I decided to google “unprofessional hair” and then “professional hair”. F*** me I’m not in Kansas (thank goodness), the picture was accurate. 

I felt a tear roll down my cheek. Then a burst of water just leaked through my eyes. I was genuinely hurt. 

God created Black women as we are and WE ARE JUST AS BEAUTIFUL, LOVELY, VIVACIOUS, SEXY AND ALLURING as any other women on the planet. God doesn’t make mistake. So why would our natural hair be deemed “unprofessional”? 

Simple. Racism. White supremacy. The outright lie of supposed white superiority through the rejection of anything that was not European. 

So I’m here in my cubicle, with my eyes watering because I’m just tired and hurt. Every gotdamn day there is something horrible said about Black American women. You know what, how about this…. Leave us the f*** alone and let us live our glorious, determined and triumphant Black lives. 

I have a biracial Black women child and she is beautiful. I’m not going to let her grow up traumatized by the white patriarchal system that is the very foundation of American society. 
God doesn’t make mistakes. We, Black American women are beautiful.I’m inclined to simply say… F*** OFF. 

Now me and my gloriously amazing and professional hair are going to get some coffee! 
#MommyFab #EfabulousHB #FabWorld

PS… Yes, I do have giant invisible balls for actually asking Google why they think this exists and if data can be manipulated to serve a racist agenda.