Don’t ever stay where you are NOT wanted!


Pearls of wisdom taken from life and wisdom shared by myself and my friends:  Any / all relationships are based upon reciprocity. Be it organic or non-organic, reciprocity has to be present in order for both parties to engage and for there to be a metaphysical presence of mutual understanding.  When people want you in their lives, on their team, in their group or part of their business ventures, they will recognize your gifts and make you feel welcome.  They will work with you and they will champion you.  This in return will inspire you to engage them, be a good listener, be supportive and interested in their vision or share a mutual visions, work in continuity and be pleasantly succinct in moving towards your mutual goals. Do not give of yourself to those who do not value your gifts or your humanity. Reciprocity is a measure of engagement. Reciprocity is measure of authencity. Be it organic or non-organic, it must exist for you to be in an healthy environment, healthy friendships, healthy marriages, properous business ventures, and empowered community group. Reciprocity.  >>> And with that said, I go where I am wanted. My additional pearl of wisdom is that many time I have opened my heart, my arms of friendships and my circle to those who I thought were worthy of my glorious and fabulous nature, only to be refuted and/or rejected. So I go where I’m wanted. I bloom where I am planted. I quietly walk away from people who don’t value me or think that “I’m good enough”. You and I were made in God’s image, if we are good enough for HIM, we are ENOUGH for anyone.  >>>  Be around people who clap when you #WIN. Be around people who see you as an ally, not competition or they are just watching you to see when you will fail.  Be around people who lift you up and not thwart your spirit.  #MommyFab #EfabulousHB