Black Bloggers are Essential to the African American story…


It is imperative that African-Americans bloggers. We need to continue to tell our story. The global audience needs to know we are NOT A MONOLITH. The global audience needs to know we are more evolved than what the American media would have you believe.

I am a failed mediocre writer who is just happy with the process of writing my feelings and my current truth on any given day.

My passion for words started with my father. He started reading the Sunday paper to me when I was the tender age of 3yrs old. He told me that “the pen was mightier than the sword”. He instilled in me that I must be able to articulate my words to get what I want. So my words, my story, my feelings were always validated by my Dad.

My Dad also instilled in me that it is so important that we (African-Americans) continue to share and cultivate our own stories.

African-American bloggers are a necessary component to making sure our story and experiences are told  without the infusion of American racial propaganda.

We live in a time where there has been a renaissance of “anti-blackness” at every turn and corner of American life. Yet who will instill hope and inspiration in those wonderful future generations of beautiful Black children?  Who will share stories of triumph, trials, belonging, exclusion, discovery… Etc.? It will be the the African-American blogger.

Creating a network of collaboration is essential to the longevity of the Black Blogger. For it is those networks in which like-minded writers thrive.

I think it is imperative we as Black Americans keep writing. We keep demonstrating that the Black American intelligentsia is alive and well. We keep authoring our story to counteract the endless propaganda campaign against African Americans.

So I say to all you Black bloggers keep writing, keep blogging, please keep telling our stories.


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