#FabGirsChronicles YOU HAVE MY WORDS


Preface: At some point, no matter how much your child may or may not look like you, their persona will mirror yours one way or another.

Backstory: She’s poorly, but she has a social gathering she needed to attend. Prior to some alternative arrangements, it was decided she couldn’t sleep over because she needs to be nebulized. She did not take that news well.

{Sounds of ripping paper and sniffles.}
Me: What have you done?
She: I’m ripping up this handmade gift. I’m upset I cannot sleep over. The whole point was that I was going to spend time with my friend and sleep over.
Me: You can still see your friend. You will have to leave early because of your health condition at the moment. All is not lost.
She: It feels like it. I’m saying NO. I’m saying no to seeing my friend because I want to sleep over and I cannot. So I’m saying no. I’m quite happy just watching tele on my own.
Me: Seriously. You have an opportunity to spend some time with a friend and be happy. You will heal much faster if you partake in something that makes you happy. When you are sad or mad or depressed, the body takes longer to heal. I want you to be happy.
She: {crawls up into Mommy’s lap, face red as a beet on a day in June, completely and utterly … upset} I HAVE GIVEN YOU MY WORDS. NO.
Me: Okay, so you stand by your word. Word is bond. {Mommy gives her a huge hug and waits for Dad to arrive. Huge hug…. like the hugs that you never want to let go of…}
She: I feel torn. I want to see my friend, but I have given you my words. You want me to narrow this down to one feeling but I have two feelings. You cannot force me down to one feeling. YOU HAVE MY WORDS.

{Apparently this chick means business, she has given me her words. … and to be honest… I take her at her word. How is she going to learn to be a woman of her word if I don’t respect her words. …. Say Word!}

Me: Look, I’m Mommy. I want you to be happy. Sometimes you have to take the moments you can get with your friends and keep it moving. Everything in the world will not always be how you want it to be. Friends are important. Remember when we flew to Chicago to see Auntie Att O’Connor. That was a short trip wasn’t it. We had like 2 days with her… but those were 2 awesome days. Should we have not flew to Chicago? What’s Auntie Att worth those 2 quick days? We made memories for a lifetime with 2 days. So sometimes we have to take the short runs to make memories for the long run. Real friends darling, they are so important… if you can have just 2 minutes or 5 minutes with a real friend, it will revitalize your day. … but um, you gave me YOUR WORDS. So I see you cannot be moved. You are your own individual and I love you no matter what. Now Mommy told you what I want you to do, but this is your life…. you do what you want to do.

{Mommy wipes nose and kisses forehead and touches cheek to catch that last rogue tear.}


So then… we talked about the art program in the airport and how we were looking forward to seeing the exhibit in the international hall.


What have we learned here… my child is a super smart, emotional, dramatic, dogmatic, hug driven, prone to cry super loving human being JUST LIKE HER MOMMA.


{… and that tickles me pink cause when I stand on my square, you will not move me! And I can be dead ass wrong! LOL! … and at the 11th hour they figured out a way for that child to sleep over… PRAISE HIM!!!!!}