The devil is alive… And its cause of Facebook Live I have decided to reinstall the app on my phone. I have lived 2.5yrs free without the app. I used the mobile interface because the app made my #mobile experience a living f’ing hell on my Note 3 and Note 4. It was the bloatware of the century. So I made my way. I was making it. Then I got all jealous of my friends live broadcasting…. because now they have released the beast with the “Live” phenomenon. Ooooooh lamentable day, the standoff has come to an end. I am back into the bloated Facebook app matrix. God Bless my LG V10 for having 64GB internal storage and the foresight to have a 32GB sd card in the slot. Jesus be a mobile device keeper. A new day as come. This is like adding the New Testament to the Bible. #MommyFab #EfabulousHB #FabWorld #FacebookNem #FacebookLive #FacebookApp #techwhore #appjunkie