Never Forget. 11 September 2001 #MommyFab #EfabulousHB

I try not to think about 09/11 anymore. I saw the first plane fly into the building. I remember saying to myself “what rich idiot has flown their damn sesna into the tower”? I was oblivious. I hopped on the D train, ready to play hooky from work. I was headed to see my friends at my old job just a couple of doors down from the NYSE. I just needed a breather cause PwC was kicking my ass at the time. Then the train stopped just shy of 57th and they told us to get out the train we are under terrorist attack. That train had stopped right by my job. I remember walking and then as I turned to go in the door… Everyone was looking up, so I looked up too… The tower fell down and their was this huge plume of smoke that rippled like the cloud from an Oppenheimer H-Bomb. I just looked and looked and looked… I struggled to move and a man yelled at me to get in the damn building. Then they start replaying what happened on television. I told my supervisor, I need to go home. I tried calling home to Chicago and I could not get to anyone. I walked from 57th and 6th Avenue to 151st by Ruckers Park. It was the longest walk of my life. I kept trying to call home and finally I gave up. One person got through to me, it was my buddy Marcus Shark. I had never been so happy to hear his voice. By the time I went to sleep, I could smell burning flesh… All the way up in Harlem. That was probably the loneliness time in my life. It was that moment I realized I had left Chicago, with my life savings and went into the unknown by myself. No parents, no siblings, just me in the Big Apple. … And I felt terribly scared. I stop feeling invincible, I started feeling incredibly human. Vulnerable and human.