How To Tell Someone You No Longer Love Them


1. The most hurtful words I ever heard was “ I don’t love you anymore.”

2. I loved someone so deeply, my soul called out for him and he never once told me I was beautiful or I was special. I was merely nothing but an “object”.

3. In my twenties, a man told me he was experimenting with me because he really didn’t like “dark skinned” women, yet I was the same complexion as his mother.

4. I thought I found the greatest lover ever in New York and he told me he couldn’t love me like a man should love a woman. He was mad because his Black father left his white mother for a black woman. He had recently divorced and I looked identical to his ex-wife.

Love sucks. People sucks. Inauthentic people sucks. Inauthentic intention sucks. Unrequited love sucks. Humans sucks. How we don’t have the skills to love one another sucks.

Other than that life is grand. Humanity, love and people are very confusing.

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