How to handle an overly talkative kid

#LearningToBeAModernParent … My child is loquacious. She gets it from her dad and myself. When I am excited, I am a “chatty cathy” and my child has inherited my gift if gab. One of the things I won’t do is tune her out. I make a concerted effort to listen to every idea, every story, every fable, every observation… It is because I want her to know she is valued. I value her thoughts, I value her opinion and that her intellectual prowess has merit. So many times I remember the eerie silence between me and my mother. One day I stopped talking to her, period. Unless I needed sometime that I couldn’t buy for myself, I deemed conversation futile. … And as a teenager I needed her engagement more than ever. I plan to change the cycle. They say that parents that listen to their children and make them feel valued will have a more engaging relationship when the kids are teens. I know that’s when she will need me the most. #MommyFab #EfabulousHB #FabWorld #FabGirls #LiveLifeLove #LIFE