#DivorcedMomChronicles … Dating is not dead. How can you get to know someone without having a chat and smidge of wine? You will actually pick up red and yellow flags but simply having a dialogue. Too many times we work off of chemical attraction and we never sit and engage a person. There is something to be said by discussing opposing views on a subject, looking in each other eyes and still having a connection. Intellectual volley between two people can serve as setting the tone for great conversations to come. Dating is not dead… I believe our respect of the “art of engagement” has died through the proliferation of a “me, me, me, selfie” society. #MommyFab #EfabulousHB #Dating #Engagement #Conversation #Talking #GettingToKnowPeople

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Is dating dead? http://buff.ly/1EJ6EBP