… I came across this in my internet travels. I read it. I read it again. Some really apathetic things popped in my mind. I read it again.  I noticed that #14 and #15 were missing. I wondered what they were. So I read it again. Then I admitted to myself, I am not going to find this guy they listed here in this post.  … and although a part of my heart died when I admitted it to myself, the other part of me is okay with that… because I don’t want to kiss anymore frogs to get to a fake ass Prince. I have given my time, my love, my belief in their goodness, my passion to all the wrong guys… and so now I have just stopped looking. … and that’s OKAY.   #MommyFab   #EfabulousHB

Love Quotes originally shared:

Ladies, this is a good man 1. He will love you just the way you are 2. He will accept your kids as if they were his own 3. He will be sensitive to your needs 4. He will spend time with you. 5. He will pray with you and for you 6. He will make sure your home is safe 7. He will help you financially 8. He will not lie or cheat on you 9. He will appreciate your intelligence 10. He will be proud of your accomplishments 11. He will encourage you 12. He will build you up and not tear you down. 13. He will never disrespect you 16. He will appreciate your care and love. Read more at: