#DivorcedMomChronicles   … After you divorce, you go through this period where you review all the old “loves” / “flames”. There is a part of you that will always go “I wish you had loved me, proper. Perhaps you would have saved me this heartache”. I found that this exercise is cathartic, but not really productive.  

So many times, people of your past are in your past for a reason… YOU NEEDED TO GROW AND MOVE ON. Don’t go back to someone from the past unless they can love you for who you are NOW. Unless they can appreciate what life has turned you into … you are going to be in a bad cycle reliving memories and then come to an epiphany of why it didn’t work in the first place. 

Hurt people, hurt people. However, no one tells you that when you are hurting, the person you hurt the most when you don’t invest in good emotional judgement is yourself. 

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