I woke up so disorientated today. I felt as though someone took my bones and disconnected them from my frame. Bewildered and broken is what I felt when I woke up from my nap.

The BBC news was on and I was mesmorized at what was going on in Sydney, Australia. Seeing the hostages run out to freedom, the footage was heart breaking and mind boggling. I kept feeling my heart break. I saw the shot of the police woman rescuing a baby on a ladder to get the chld out of the danger zone. It was surreal in the worse way.

We listened. As I listened, I looked at my little girl and thought … we are alive. We are here. We get to have another day. As the news caster said that two hostages didn’t make it, I started to feel bloated and I couldn’t understand why.

My six year old started to speak and said “The news is boring, Mommy”.

I cocked my head but it was too late my voice had cracked and the tears filled up in my eyes, I strained to contain my composure and I said “The news is not boring. The news, when reported honestly tells us what is going on in the world. You have to know whats going on in the world. We are part of the world.” Then my voice cracked again and I couldn’t hold back my tears… “Two people are dead. Be respectful. The evil man you see on the television killed two people. They won’t see Christmas. They won’t see their mommies. That evil man hid behind Islam to carry out his hateful acts. He is not a holy man. He is an evil man. Now two people won’t wake up, they are forever sleep.”

I then motioned to turn away and as I did Iooked back and said “Be respectful, two people have lost their lives.”

… and suddenly the bloat was gone. Just as I felt connected to my child, I felt connected to those people shouting for justice in #Ferguson and now I felt akin to those who waited with baited breath for the return of their loved ones in Sydney, Australia.

We are all connected. We are all human. Organized religious, those who abuse religion for power, they cannot break the bigger chain of humanism and good will.

I pray that humanity gets it’s act together. I keep praying that we evolved to become kind beings.

#MommyFab #Efabulous1