Today, my aunt called me. They made her pick cotton when she was 6. The boss man told her mother, she had to get her pick-a-ninny out in the field. She has seen it all. From being an indentured servant, separate but equal in Mississippi, the falsehood of integration through upper education, every little thing… she has seen it all.

My aunt told me today that she has given up hope. She will never see justice in her lifetime. I will never see justice in my lifetime. My daughter will never see justice in her lifetime. My aunt told me that the day they stop killing Black people is the day that Jesus comes back and the world end.

… and just like that, I agreed and I gave up too. I just gave up on America today.

I’m going to be a light and beacon of authenticity in my life and that’s all I can do. THIS IS MY LAST WORD ON THE MATTER. … “ain’t shit changed in America, but the year”.