There is a subtle beauty in this picture. It takes me back to a time that is now lost. Sometimes, it hurts to see such beauty send know I had these moments and wasted them on my naivety and youth.

My body symbolizes the gift of being able to give life. #MommyFab #Efabulous1

Today, my aunt called me. They made her pick cotton when she was 6. The boss man told her mother, she had to get her pick-a-ninny out in the field. She has seen it all. From being an indentured servant, separate but equal in Mississippi, the falsehood of integration through upper education, every little thing… … Continue reading

I absolutely love +Dropbox .  Makes my job as Supermom, Co-Parent, PTO Mom, Family Nerd, Blogger and Business woman a LOT EASIER.  If you don’t use Dropbox, you may want to re-evaluate your tech life … and you might live under a rock? LOL! #Mommyfab #Efabulous1

Surely, I am going to heaven for standing in front to my SUV and giving her dad a full-on tutorial on Google Hangouts for his wretched iPhone 4s, then having them test call each other just to make funny faces. #MommyFab #Efabulous1

Cheryl Lynn

This was a wonderful album when I was growing up. #MommyFab #Efabulous1 Lynn