Innocence denied for Black Children

When I see the imagery, it brings home that I am a person of color in America, my child is a bi-racial American / British citizen and the proliferation of inequality and inhumane treatment of non-white American has reached a pitch equal to Jim Crow lynching.

Too many times a person of color is made a villain – even in death through the media. This pathology works to marginalized or even trivialize the loss of Black and Brown American lives.

I keep asking myself why? God didn’t make a mistake when he made me or any other person of color. However, perhaps the mistake is letting the hearts of men who carry out the work of evil and Satan through racism pretend to serve and protect.

Institutionalize racism and a militarized police force is the recipe for a large scale genocide of people of color.

Inside I weep constantly for my child, I came back to America because I love my country… but alas, my country has never loved me.

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