I am grateful for my life. I am grateful for the lessons.I am grateful for knowing that each day, each day I wake up and open my eyes…I should be damn grateful.  #MommyFab   #Efabulous1

Best value for money on spices. Buy them pre-packaged is a con. #MommyFab #Efabulous1 #TeamFabulous #TeamFrugal

I am strong not because I am a resilient person, but because I have a resilient spirit in which I wear outwardly in hopes that my falls, strides and sprints may encourage another spirit to live as boldly as I.So far, this has worked for me when I’m truly happy and my soul is truly … Continue reading

Dear Adrianne Sabrina,The last thing I said to you was “I love you cousin”. I meant it. Yet, I loved you like a sister.  Today I’m gonna “move around” and celebrate the magnanimous beauty of your awesome soul… instead of crying ugly all day like my Drowsy doll or Wanda from Good-Times. Yo’ Big Cousin,Pebbles aka … Continue reading

When the Shockwave plugin fails on my work computer, it just COMPLETELY DESTROYS my productivity. I usually have to “hard boot” my machine. IT’S AWFUL.

My little sister from another mother issued the #Positivity_Challenge . For 5 days, you have to declare 3 positive things and then invite 3 people to join the challenge. So here I am and it’s puts into perspective the great Blessings in my life. I challenge each of you, divulge what is #Blessed   and #positive   … Continue reading

Swoon <3. I love my +Samsung Galaxy Gear. It is probably the best bit of kit (technology) I have purchased since the +SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2. I have to admit, I am a total +Samsung USA junkie. Their high end smartphones in the S series, Note series and their smart watches are exceptional. They are … Continue reading