In 1998, I moved to New York. The perverse racism and segregation in #Chicago was choking me. The decline in unity and cohesion in the #Black community was breaking my heart. With both my parents dead and no siblings, there was no reason for me to stay.

Out of the #Midwestern pool of mediocrity, I yearned to be exceptional and #GREAT. 

So I ran off to New York, I was in search of a better life.  A life where my #humanism was not marginalized by the color of my epidermis. My upward mobility was not totally aligned with my zip code. A life where I could be #HUMAN, where I could unleash my true self – AND BE GREAT.

In my travels, I was at a party… chatting away, networking and such. I happen to strike up a grandiose conversation with a Chinese girl from Uptown. Eventually we would both talk about why we were here, in New York… and I instinctively said …


She then looked at me and said…

“You are here. You made it, right? Maybe this is your great moment, making it to New York. Maybe just being YOU, being alive and present in your own life is what you were destined to do and thus defines your greatness.”

I was floored.  Such a young girl with such great insight and wisdom. 

.. and like a flash, the world seemed brighter.  Felt like I was living in #4D.  My humanism seemed to take on super powers.. and like a flash, I FELT GREAT.


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George Washington Bridge, NYC

The humongous steel structure, between dark skies and muddy waters, of what Corbusier called the most beautiful bridge in world–14 lanes of traffic spanning the Hudson River.