How to Create a Life-Long, Close Relationship with Your Kids

Many years from now, we’ll cease to do everything for our kids. They’ll have learned to forge their own paths and make their own decisions, maybe only turning to us for advice, or support. They’ll be adults, and the majority of our parenting duties would have finished, perhaps passed on. In those years, what will your relationship become? And is there a way to create a lasting relationship?

I’d like to think so.

Even though we can’t choose our kids, their temperaments, or the circumstances that shape their lives, we can take action now that will help build a close relationship with our future-adult children.

And even though I’ve said that the number one job of a parent is to raise future adults, it’d also be lovely if those future adults would be people we could get along with.

Other bloggers seem to share the same sentiment. I conducted a “One Question Interview” where I asked, “How do you create a life-long, close relationship with your kids?”

Here’s what your fellow parents said:

• “Give them space.”
• “Listen.”
• “Live in the moment.”
• “Withhold judgment.”
• “Be their parents, not their friends.”

And a few of my own:

• Watch your reactions.
• Accept your kids for who they are.
• Allow them to make their own decisions.

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Your turn: How do you create a life-long, close relationship with your kids? What lessons have you learned from your relationship with your own parents that you would carry over with your kids? Share your tips in the comments!

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