@TheDailyLove: Don’t do something to please someone else if you let yourself down in the processs… Be true to you. #TDLShared via TweetCasterLove yourself enough to put yourself first. If you are a parent, your happiness drives your children’s happiness. Your well being is the foundation of their well being. Always, be true to you … Continue reading

How iOS8 extensions could help college students dump their laptops and rely on their iPadshttp://gigaom.com/2014/06/29/how-ios8-extensions-could-help-college-students-dump-their-laptops-and-rely-on-their-ipads/I have run into a large amount of adults who never learned how to type. We are cultivating a culture who can text, but cannot type and we will need voice recognition software soon to write their papers or a new … Continue reading

This is a wonderful story of a great achiever and future #leader amongst us. I always champion stories of youths doing well and doing good in their community. Too often we want to hear about the drug dealer, the misfortune… Yet there are #kids out there who are beautiful, intelligent and #kind people in the … Continue reading

@TheDailyLove: If u want to fly you’re gonna have to ruffle some feathers…. #TDLShared via TweetCaster

@GlobalGrindNews: Father in Chicago keeps handcuffed teen in basement for a week as punishment for gang affiliation http://bit.ly/1lBcURbShared via TweetCasterWhen I read this… I could feel the desperation of that father. Chicago is a nasty place to be for the non-European community. It is even more intimidating for the parent that gives all to their … Continue reading

@OWNTV: All children do what their parents have done. #FixMyLifeShared via TweetCasterYou have to want to break the cycle. You have to yearn to be a better parent. When you know better, you do better. #MommyFab #Efabulous1

How to Create a Life-Long, Close Relationship with Your KidsMany years from now, we’ll cease to do everything for our kids. They’ll have learned to forge their own paths and make their own decisions, maybe only turning to us for advice, or support. They’ll be adults, and the majority of our parenting duties would have … Continue reading

This year… I swear I quoted my mother at least once a week. Scary. #MommyFab #Efabulous1▼ Reshared Post From Kidspot ▼Ever felt like this was happening to you? TELL: What do you say that sounds like your mum?