In the background… Where I am not supposed to be thinking due to these migraines… I can clearly here Ella Fitzgerald singing “What a difference a day makes”.

I felt this whole thing come on me. I thought I was going to beat it with “moderate positive thinking”. Yep, made that up. Nope, didn’t work. Conclusion, I have no clue how to fight #Sarcoidoisis because you never know where it will strike.

If my mom was alive, I would say mom please hug me and don’t let me go until I fall asleep. Or hold my hand mom, just hold my hand. I am soft like that. This entire ordeal my puppy has been nuzzled under me. Canine hug… Totally acceptable and always authentic. I will take it.

I whinge and moan in pain and then she licks my nose. I am so pain ridden I decided licks on nose from canine acceptable substitute for human Eskimo kiss. I will take it.

Yeah I know some of you are Ooooooooooohhhhhhh you are sick, join the rest of us wearing thing 40 something moms. Well, okay. Except I am going to keep talking about it because nobody talks about #Sarcoidoisis. No one talks about how debilitating it is. No one talks about the attacks. Everybody keeps their social media light, funny and airy… Like cool whip.

I am like the savory, weighty clotted cream from England. You taste me and realize this gourmet delught is made is “substance”.

So here’s to all the #Sarcoidoisis moms like me, hiding under the covers, dreading the nightmares and migraines. Yet, live to fight another day.

Yes… I came out of the covers, propped my head up and typed this whole message is sheer freaking agony. Grrrrr. Migraines I smite thee!

Sorry, had a Highlander moment.

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