How Teachers And Mentors Will Save Entrepreneurship In America

We need to start building critical thinkers and risk takers early on in their academic careers. @FastCoLead: What would happen if teachers encouraged entrepreneurship? It could change everything. via TweetCasterHow Teachers And Mentors Will Save Entrepreneurship In America

I just fell in love with pasta… All over again. I should really stop following the Food Network UK. All they do is make me reprogram myself that I miss England and when I move back I shall eat like royalty. Lol.▼ Reshared Post From Food Network UK ▼#RecipeoftheDay: Tagliatelle with Tenderstem, Thyme and Melting … Continue reading

That’s it… HEB is going to make me do a crawfish boil. Heck I am in Texas, why not?

I just had to throw her Hello Kitty watch in the garbage. She had it on the floor, eventually it broke. Tears. Crying. Disappointed. Angry. Confusion. Me and my child in a real moment. My words, in repetition. WHEN YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY THING, YOU MUST CARE FOR IT. WHEN YOU GET A GIFT … Continue reading

I am trying to let go the past, by brainstorming happiness for the future. @DavidRoads: Thank your past for all the lessons, and move on.Shared via TweetCaster

After 41yrs on the planet… I know this to be true. Create a good vision board in your mind and stick to it. @Scripture_Truth: If you want to know where you’ll be in 5 yrs listen to what you talk about most now. “Your tongue is a rudder” James 3:4Shared via TweetCaster

@RealSoulFactory: “Wage war against your past and force yourself to react/respond to your present moments” #creativityShared via TweetCaster

@joancollinsobe: Wishing every mother a very happy Mother’s Day , & may you get waited on hand & foot ! Well at least a cuppa in bedShared via TweetCaster