This is an interesting change or perhaps I do not pay attention the required amount attention I should to the +Cooking Channel. Rarely these days so I hear of musical artist, such as Kelis offering up their culinary delights. However, I think it is great marketing to have it coincide with her album. This has … Continue reading

Sofritas… There are so many conflicting reports on adding soy to the diet and tofu. However this will prove to be a boom in business for the chain +Chipotle Mexican Grill because they have a totally vegetarian menu item that has a meat substitute. I wonder what the cost projections were in order to move … Continue reading

When I learned of this method, it became my go to method for both my fruits and my vegetables. There are so many toxins via pesticides in our food, it becomes imperative to learn these tricks in order to guard your health. My soak time is usually 5 - 10 mins, what about yours?▼ Reshared … Continue reading

In this day of globalization, to have your child be monolinqual is essentially a crime that directly impacts their socialization and earning power for the future. Our second language is Mandarin.▼ Reshared Post From Famtivity ▼#TuesdayTip Enroll in a foreign language class with your child. You will be giving them a key to a whole new … Continue reading

There has been a shift in paradigm. In regards to self, I feel confident that my “living out loud” credo will serve as a testimony, beacon of inspiration and a fun “veg” space for other mothers. For so many years, I have lived life in search of what I was supposed to “have” and not … Continue reading

And so it begins this “new” thing for me to pour myself into… I am no longer recreating pseudonyms in which to call myself, I am now working directly on myself as a mom in a public way that will help others!Upwards and Onwards!#MommyFab  #Efabulous1  #Parenting

There is something powerful in saying “I love you” to your child. It gives them the power to be invincible and an armor of love when the world is being unkind. #MommyFab #Efabulous1 #parenting #love

Love is kind and it is giving.▼ Reshared Post From Jessuca Ruzicka ▼Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that most people enter a relationship in order to get something. They’re trying to find someone who’s going to make them feel good. In reality, the only way a relationship will last … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5  I am a loyalist. My personal phone, business phone, work tablet, my kiddos tablet and my Bluetooth surround sound speaker… All #Samsung. Quite frankly, I am proud of my quick conversion from BlackBerry, to a quick stint with Nokia Windows phone to Android. I have faired quite well. So a part of … Continue reading